23 September 2008

The "I'm going to France" Last Thrusday Sale!

I am going on a very exciting trip to France in a week and while I plan on doing a lot of "research" eating, I thought I would bake a very french last thursday to raise a little extra pastry and baguette eating money. So if you've been missing peach tatins or want to try apple galettes with cinnamon pastry cream come down to Alberta between 18th and 19th to pick up a little something or to sit and people watch with me before I leave.

le menu pour la soiree
lemon madeleines
pistachio macarons

ginger cakelettes with italian plums

apple galettes with cinnamon pastry cream

small peach tatins

chocolate chip cookies with almond paste

vegan trail mix cookies
vegan lemon pound cake with blueberries

Merci et au revoir!

15 September 2008

Plum Ginger Cake