24 February 2009

A day off

Even though it's my day off, I can't seem to stop baking. I mean it's not a bad life, waking up and thinking, "hmm, I need to test that cake recipe. Should it be chocolate ginger? Chocolate pink pepper? Chocolate orange? maybe chocolate hazelnut..." Well let's just try it all!

Well the chocolate ginger and chocolate orange are my favorite so far. I think I might try chocolate coconut later......

21 February 2009

Roasted Apple Tart

Oh, lets all thank Elizabeth for this recipe. Apples roasted with a little sugar and then blended. Topped with thin apple slices and baked until browned. So simple. I can't wait for her return so we can bake more.

13 February 2009

Moi et Oliver partage un croissant